Ten Questions

The Ten Questions Project

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Soil to Sky is looking for people like you who work in Alberta’s agriculture and food industry. Find your 15 minutes of fame and help counter Alberta’ labour shortages by filling out the short survey for your chance to be a featured Soil to Sky career profile. It’s a great opportunity to share your experiences in agriculture and food with youth exploring career options.

How will your profile be used?

1. The top five profiles will be chosen to be featured on Soil to Sky career profile “trading cards”. You may choose to have your full name, part of your name, or none of your name on these cards. It’s up to you!

2. Completed questionnaires that meet basic criteria will be displayed on the Soil to Sky website in the career profiles sectionon an ongoing basis. Career seekers and other interested parties can then view these profiles and use them as a tool to further understand the vast opportunities in the agri-food industry.

You can participate by taking a few moments to accurately and honestly complete the short career profile questions below!

Your questionnaire will be used to create career profiles on Soil to Sky. In order to ensure accuracy of information, we kindly request that you fill out the contact information found at the end of the survey. This information will also be used to contact you in the event that you qualify for other profiling or podcasting opportunities. Career profiles will be used for the sole purpose of promoting Alberta’s agriculture and food industry. Profiles will not be connected with any contact information, nor will any of your information be sold or used for any other purpose.

Terms and conditions:

Submitted questionnaire responses become the creative property of Soil to Sky and may be edited for clarity and consistency. The submitter hereby grants permission for Soil to Sky to use the information provided in questionnaires for the development of career profiles to be displayed on trading cards and at www.soiltosky.ca for the purpose of promoting the agriculture and food industry.

Submitters will be informed of further adaptations of their information beyond the expressed uses and given the opportunity to grant or retract permission.

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